Why Ayurveda?

When should you see an Ayurvedic Clinician?

There are several reasons to

seek help.

Implementing natural treatment options when you are still relatively healthy will assist you in maintaining optimal health today and ensuring it tomorrow.

Natural treatment options are also helpful when you’d like to buffer some side effects of prescription medications. You don’t have to choose between conventional and holistic medicine. Both can play a role in improving your health.

Adding an Ayurvedic Clinician to your personal healthcare team can sometimes be the missing element towards attaining your optimal health. I consider your illness as part of another issue going on with your health. I unwind the current state of your condition using various techniques intended to restore you to optimal health.

In fact, scientific research is released monthly showing that a holistic approach and integrative healthcare is the future of medicine.

I want to open your heart and mind so that you can experience healing.

    What makes me different as your personal Health Coach?

    1) I get to the root cause of health issues.

    2) I create a holistic wellness plan that addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

    3) I am a certified Ayurvedic Clinician.

    4) My services and recommendations are customized to your Ayurvedic dosha, which only an Ayurvedic clinician is trained to prescribe. Without this analysis you could be following generic measures that are ineffective for you or might even be worsening your health.

    5) Only I can provide this comprehensive range of services from nutrition to supplements to yoga to mental tools and emotional tools to improve your health and well-being. Otherwise you would have to work with multiple practitioners to receive the same range of benefits.

    6) My work is complementary to any medical protocol you are following.

    7) I am genuinely interested in helping you become the Highest Version of Yourself.

    8) I live what I preach.


    Zeeba Khan is a fabulous Ayurveda clinician and consultant who has been part of the Union Yoga Ayurveda school and clinic since 2016. While administering treatments to the Union patients, she was always remarkable. She blends ancient philosophy and science into one therapy bowl. She brings the best of different cultures and makes it applicable to modern life. As a doctor and teacher, I mentor my students to be spread the benefits of yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, to society. Although every Ayurveda expert has their own strengths and weaknesses, Zeeba only has strengths and better perspectives.

    Dr. Satyam Tripathi, Singapore

    Zeeba is a caring, compassionate, and wonderful practitioner, with unparalleled listening skills. She is a master of understanding the underlying motivation and desires of her clients and seamlessly uses Ayurvedic clinical practice to guide her clients towards optimal health. I truly enjoy every minute working with Zeeba and collaborating with her on patient care as she genuinely cares about helping her clients progress and overcome their challenges.

    Dr. Navaz Habib, Toronto


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