I love spring. It’s such a time of renewal, rebirth, hope, and Faith. It’s the return of the Light that nourishes us, rejuvenates us, and makes us dream bigger. It’s also a great time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re still on track, awesome! If you’re not, then it’s time to either restart it or replace it with a new resolve.

Here are some great practices to incorporate into your daily routine as our days get longer and as we have more time to devote to ourselves.

Begin by noticing where you might be able to make small, incremental changes at a sustainable pace. From there, observe the ways in which these small shifts are supporting you and maybe even where some of your habits are harming you.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is such a powerful tool. It connects the body and mind, breath and awareness, and boots our immune system. The key to meditation is consistency. Even if you meditate for just 2 minutes, studies have shown that it has a profound effect in reducing stress. If you’re just starting out, try this meditation with me. If you’re a more advanced meditator or would like help meditating, reach out to me.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

You can increase the amount of oxygen that gets to your lungs by regularly engaging in deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing promotes healing throughout the entire body. Taking long, slow, deep breaths not only brings more oxygen into the lungs, but it also helps oxygenated blood to spread out through the body. This technique has the bonus of helping you relax. Try deep breathing exercises to expand lung capacity and oxygenation to your bloodstream.

Eat Nourishing Foods

The foods that you eat have the ability to heal you or make you sick. Food boosts your daily nutrient intake, overall physical and mental health, and increases your energy levels. Just make sure you’re eating organic foods for maximum benefit.

If you eat meat, choose high-quality meat that’s organic, grass-fed, and free-range. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, make sure you’re eating enough protein and explore plant-based foods. We should all be eating lots of vegetables in a variety of colors every day.

Cut Back On The Caffeine (Especially After Lunch)

Cut back on caffeine to ensure that you get 8 restful hours of sleep.


Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous and strenuous every day. In fact, Ayurveda says we should only work at 50-80% of our capacity and not push ourselves to the maximum. Aim for at least 20 mins daily of physical movement.

Inhale Essential Oils

Add several drops of these essential oils to a diffuser or humidifier. These oils smell great and have aromatherapeutic properties.

  • Oregano: Deters fungi and bacteria.
  • Tea Tree: Boosts your immune system.
  • Eucalyptus: Has powerful antimicrobial properties against viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
  • Peppermint: Boosts lung performance and is great for headaches.

Avoid Screen Time Before Bed

Shut off your electronic devices at least one hour before your sleeping time. If you can’t then wear blue light blocking glasses to promote healthy sleep habits and circadian rhythm. These glasses help your body to continue making melatonin, or the sleep hormone.

Stop Snoozing

Simply set your alarm for the time you really need to get up by. This will allow you to feel less grumpy and groggy. While you’re at it, make sure you place the alarm on the other side of the room so that you actually have to get up and out of bed to turn it off.

Declutter Your Life

Declutter your life – anything and everything from your closets to your relationships. This will create both physical and energetic space for the things that truly matter. It will also help you become calmer and more cheerful, and promotes productivity.

What resonates with you? Choose something, one thing. Start slow and watch as you unfold into a blissful state of being.


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