I have been honored to be able to help so many beautiful souls all over the world.

Zeeba listens and only explores as much as you are willing and able to provide. She then evaluates the best options for you. The consultation is not meant to be a cookie-cutter program. Zeeba provides enough time for each session to not leave the person emotional or without a course of action. I would recommend her services to anyone with childhood trauma who wants sustainable solutions.

Judine S., Baltimore

Zeeba is knowledgeable and effective. I had not had a good night’s sleep for ages before I tried her remedy. I was also anxious and stuck on a difficulty in my life. By stuck, I mean it woke me up at night and was the first thing that I thought of when I awoke. This caused a lot of stress. I was able to sleep and loosen my fixation on the problem, lessening stress and improving my functionality. Zeeba is very willing to listen. She is responsive to what she hears. She does not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. She is in tune with my spiritual practice and respectful of its importance in my life. Overall, Zeeba is an informed practitioner who knows her medicine and how to apply it to a specific client’s needs. She is an excellent communicator and has a very caring nature. I cannot find the words to express the depth of her compassion and ability to apply her knowledge.

Kathryn B., Los Angeles

Zeeba is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable coach. She is also an attentive listener focused on the personal story and challenges of each individual. I felt genuine care and connection when working with her. Her breathing and meditation exercises have definitely enriched my daily routine and improved quality of life. Finally, apart from knowing the theory, Zeeba speaks from experience which makes her insights and recommendations much more impactful.

Jeffrey M., Sofia

I’m feeling really, really amazing. Thank you for our session and the check-in. It’s changed my perspective on things. I don’t feel any regret in my decisions. They feel good. I feel like this is really happening for me. I feel so grateful to have met you. I’m so excited. Thank you!

Tara Z., Toronto

Zeeba has the most calming presence I have ever felt. It is so important that the clinician you go to put you into a calm and also much more rational zone so that the therapy you receive truly does work on the body. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to allay any worries I might have. She always ensures that I am completely comfortable during therapy and her professionalism and work ethic are impeccable. Thank you so much, Zeeba!

Preetha B., Singapore

Zeeba is an amazing person and her meditations are so beautiful, inspiring, and motivational. And that voice! 


I really enjoyed meeting with Zeeba. She has healing hands and beautiful serenity. I felt so relaxed under her care. I enjoyed listening to the wealth of her knowledge and all her wisdom. I hope we will meet again. I’ll say goodbye for now to dear Zeeba and many many thanks. 


I just want to thank Zeeba Khan for the wonderful group immersion meditations. It’s one of the best I’ve participated in so far. Much love and gratitude. I could feel your energy. Thank you!


The treatment was professional and it really helped. I could feel the effectiveness of the treatment. I could move my arm more and more after each session. Thanks to the therapy, my frozen shoulder is normal now and the pain is gone. I am so thankful. 

Barry K., Singapore

Zeeba was very nice. She guided me through my treatments very well and she gave very clear instructions. She was always very calm. I started seeing clear results after about one week of treatment. I could breathe more easily. I had not realized how blocked my sinus passages were until after I began treatment and was able to breathe freely and easily again. Thank you, Zeeba! As my state of health improved, treatments started requiring less time.

James S., New York City

I’ve been dealing with a complex chronic illness for many years. Working with Zeeba gave me renewed hope for healing. I feel better physically and am emotionally more connected to myself and to the world. Zeeba is a rare kind of practitioner who understands the nature of illness on many different levels. She brings knowledge, clarity, compassion and many helpful tools and techniques to her healing work. I was delighted to meet her and I’m deeply grateful to Zeeba for our work together. She did for me in 2 months what more than 20 years of therapy could not.

Noelle S., Portland

Working with Zeeba has helped me enormously on my health journey. The fact that she is so knowledgeable regarding the emotional aspects of health and how to work with the emotions has been deeply fulfilling for me. Her knowledge of Ayurveda and all of its helpful herbs and supplements is also astounding. I feel like I’ve made great strides in my life working with Zeeba.

Meg C., Philadelphia

Zeeba is a caring, compassionate, and wonderful practitioner, with unparalleled listening skills. She is a master of understanding the underlying motivation and desires of her clients and seamlessly uses Ayurvedic clinical practice to guide her clients towards optimal health. I truly enjoy every minute working with Zeeba and collaborating with her on patient care as she genuinely cares about helping her clients progress and overcome their challenges.

Dr Navaz Habib, Toronto

My experience with Zeeba was very refreshing. Her method of working through your issues and thoughts were new to me with really great results. Her calmness transmits to you while discussing your issues. I walked away with good techniques to use during stressful situations.

Bernadette M., Johannesburg

Zeeba is very patient and generous in dispensing her professional advice. I feel really grateful to have met Zeeba as that has helped me become more mindful and reflect on my personal well-being and development. Attending Zeeba’s program is really one of the best decisions I made in 2017! I am sure Zeeba will continue to share her selfless love and inspiration with many others who have the fortunate privilege to meet her, just like me!

Rue C., Zurich

I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me and for all her advice and understanding. I will miss her not alone for the wonderful healing treatments but because I like her so much and feel that our lives are now interwoven with golden threads of connection. I will keep in touch and God willing we will  meet again. Much love and a huge thank you to Zeeba.

Connor M., Dublin

I worked with Zeeba to organize a workshop on nutrition based on body types (the three doshas in Ayurveda). The session was an engaging introduction to Ayurveda for many of the participants who had no prior knowledge or experience with Ayurvedic science. Zeeba was knowledgeable and clear in her presentation. She also addressed all questions from the participants with ease. I highly recommend Zeeba as a speaker/facilitator, and of course, as a clinician and therapist.

Shu Ting W., Singapore

The course Zeeba put together for our company is so amazing – the combination of topics is so powerful. She has such a wonderful voice – calming and with no disturbing accents. It’s very pleasant being led by her. The meditations with Zeeba were an amazing experience for me, despite being so horribly bad at slowing down my mind. They were very relaxing, but not just for the rest of the day. I did not get upset when I normally might have. My mind was so clear and I felt such a strong physical sensation of love. It felt similar to falling in love, but there was no person attached to the feeling. I could think of anybody in my life and feel the same love, or think of nobody in particular, and still have the same feeling. It was really beautiful.

Alena P., Athens

I listened to Zeeba Khan this morning, too!! Wonderful! 

I so love Zeeba’s group immersions. Such amazing healing meditations! 


I heard Zeeba on a podcast and reached out struggling with stress, feeling run down and beat up from dealing with the pandemic, while suffering from chronic GERD and musculoskeletal pain. I’m happy to report that my GERD is cured. My body pain is greatly diminished and I feel that I handle the stress of life much better than I ever have. Zeeba even took the time to help my child when anxiety was high and made a special meditation that was listened to nightly for months until it was no longer needed. Thank you, Zeeba, for all that you do!

Melanie M., Hartford

Zeeba Khan, a fabulous Ayurveda clinician and consultant, has been a part of Union Yoga Ayurveda school and clinic since 2016. While administering treatments to the Union patients, she was always remarkable. Zeeba documented 10 cases in detail in her scientific dissertation.

She blends ancient philosophy and science into one therapy bowl. She brings the best of different cultures and makes it applicable to modern life. As a doctor and teacher, I mentor my students to be a better version of myself in spreading the benefits of yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, to society. Although every Ayurveda expert has their own strengths and weaknesses, Zeeba only has strengths and better perspectives.

Union Yoga Ayurveda has been fortunate to have her as an inseparable part of our school and clinic from day 1.

Dr Satyam Tripathi, Singapore

I came away from the session with a sense a calmness and the feeling that you will be able to guide me down this path and in the process educate the team of people that I am building. Take care and God bless.

Brendan A., Sydney

Zeeba gave a talk at my workplace on health and nutrition. Zeeba has a real depth of holistic knowledge on wellness. She has the ability to link environmental issues such as the quality of soil to the food supply to the impact on our physiology. She then linked mental wellness to diet and exercise covering all bases which I found fascinating. Her solutions are also holistic, focusing on energy blockages, chakras, and plant-based food solutions, a very refreshing alternative to the mainstream pill-popping culture being pushed.

Julio V., London

I first met Zeeba at a nutrition program organized by my company. I gained a lot of insight from Zeeba’s knowledge of holistic self-improvement, from understanding my body’s dosha and chakras to diet plans and sleep schedules. Her meditation classes are also great stress relievers with her motivating and thought-provoking speeches delivered in her soothing voice. Attending Zeeba’s classes became my weekly highlights during the 2-month program as I looked forward to absorbing the most positive energy from her confident and warm presence. 

Sandra W., Singapore

Zeeba helped to ground me. I needed to get grounded again so that I could concentrate on my work. I also needed to learn to stay grounded so that the meditations did not make me feel even more disconnected from the world. It’s amazing to hear how she talks to people. She’s such a fascinating person. She has given us so many beautiful puzzle pieces of wisdom.

Natalia T., Brussels

Meditation, particularly, Mind Sound Resonance Technique, has been very effective in bringing down my heartrate and through it, I am able to rest in both mind and body. Zeeba’s delivery of the sessions has been consistent every time. She is meticulous in making sure that my sessions are well paced. She has never rushed me to complete my sessions and always manages to finish punctually while achieving the desired goals.

Charlene L., Singapore

Thank you so much for your blessings, Zeeba. I set my alarm clock especially to get up in time to join her live group immersion meditations. Namaste!


Zeeba, I wake up with you on the Soulvana app!

Andrew N., Los Angeles

Unfortunately my back had become excruciatingly painful in the last 2 days after a long international flight, but Zeeba eased both the anxiety and the pain. She is such a calming person with such a wealth of knowledge in her field. I can really feel the benefit already. She has such a calming effect and you can feel the benefit of the treatment so quickly afterwards. 

Bridget A., Dublin

Thank you so much for your blessings, Zeeba. I set my alarm clock specially to get up in time to join her live group immersion meditations. Namaste!

Zeeba helped me understand the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological basis for why I could not get over the grief of a loved one – an understanding that I had not been able to achieve on my own and with other therapists despite 8 years of trying. Zeeba was instrumental in pulling me out of my grief. She employed a specific meditation style that was effective for me, much thoughtful & intellectual discussion, and other helpful exercises, which taught me how to remember my loved one in a healthy way. I am eternally grateful to Zeeba for making me feel whole again. She is truly gifted. I feel so blessed to have met her.

Desiree V., Dallas

Zeeba’s kindness, intuition, and expertise combined with skill leads to a transformational body, mind, spirit experience; The full Ayurveda experience! I am very grateful for her knowledge, wisdom, empathy, and patience throughout my journey with her. What a genuine treasure! I truly love Zeeba’s light and energy. It exudes through every session.

Andrea M., Little Rock

Zeeba is one of the most amazing natural healers I know, with an awareness and kindness that will directly put you at ease and inspire you. If you’re looking to improve your health, balance or energy using natural healing practices inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, energy healing, nutrition and meditation, then reach out to Zeeba.

Junaid S., Jakarta

Zeeba’s Light shines throughout her talks. She came unexpectedly and suddenly, like lightning, illuminated the whole sky, and brought the energy which lit a little fire in me and surely in the hearts of many others. And just as suddenly as lightning comes, it goes, and leaves only silence and darkness. But Zeeba teaches you how to nourish this fire to keep it alive. Her Light shines so beautifully and intensively on my spiritual path and she will safely accompany you on your spiritual journey as well. She makes the world a much warmer and brighter place. I’m very grateful for Zeeba.

Lauren M., Bratislava

Wow, Zeeba! Your voice is so charming and heart-touching! I listen to many guided meditations. Only a few have really amazing voices and a way of speaking that penetrates deeper and can be heart-felt. You are one of those gems!!!

Jerry A., Jakarta

I met Zeeba in a session organized by our company to learn about healthy diet and the right way to eat. She quickly impressed us with the depth of her knowledge and understanding of the subject. With a pleasant and caring personality, she has a holistic view and approach to health – with physical and mental aspects conjoined. During the consulting session, we had an interesting discussion on spiritual matters as well. Her unique background helps her to understand people and their culture.

Rama S., Chennai

The herbal medicated oil treatments have been extremely beneficial as pain symptoms and inflammation have reduced significantly since the initial injury period. Together with strengthening practices that I do on my own, my knee has been feeling stronger within the last few months. The emotional stress and negativity that came along with the injury has drastically improved thanks to Zeeba. As a clinician, Zeeba is patient and kind and competent in delivering the therapy required. My physical and emotional/mental recovery was made smoother thanks to Zeeba’s endearing and uplifting personality and her skills as a clinician. Thank you!

Sharon T., Singapore

I was feeling emotional and that I did not have control of my life, let alone know what I want. Zeeba helped me realize from the very first session that I actually do know what I want and also opened my eyes to what I have achieved! Zeeba makes you feel comfortable to open up and helps you see the positive side of yourself!

Clarissa M., Johannesburg

Zeeba is powerful.
Tina B., Richmond

Zeeba has unbelievable beauty, boldness, awesomeness, and is amazing. These phrases of appreciation are not enough to describe her Uniqueness. 

Parvin K.


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