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Are you looking to improve the wellness offering of your school?

Exactly How Will I

Help Your School?

Are the unanticipated changes to your learning environment due to COVID-19 causing undue stress to students and staff alike?

I have worked with several international schools to help students reduce stress, boost their attention naturally, develop mindfulness skills, and be fully present. The program or services you seek can be customized to your school’s needs.

I help our youth to see more clearly, understand themselves and their potential, and to move into the world with compassion, resilience, creativity, and confidence.

My sessions are a fusion of fun and practical application.

Regardless of its source, stress has a debilitating effect on a student’s ability to learn. When stressed, students are physiologically unable to absorb new ideas because their prefrontal cortex is overwhelmed and “shuts down.”

Considering the mountain of research proving mindfulness improves brain function, emotional regulation and academic performance, and reduces behavioural issues, it is clear that we need this education to reach our youth in their formative years.

After their time with me, your students and staff will understand what it means to have a deep sense of well-being. I will help them to adapt and empower them with short, daily practices and powerful tools to reduce their stress and thrive in their lives – both at school and at home.

Whether you are searching for a keynote speaker at your upcoming conference, a one-time morning or afternoon training, or a customized multi-day workshop, I will work with you to develop an individualized program to meet your school’s needs. I will bring wellness and well-being into your school.

Click below to arrange a quick consultation so I can better understand your wellness needs:

Zeeba has helped me become more mindful and reflect on my personal well-being and development. Attending Zeeba’s program is really one of the best decisions I ever made! Zeeba shares her selfless love and inspiration with all who have the fortunate privilege to meet her, just like me!
Rue C., Zurich

Zeeba conducted a wellness program at my workplace. Her solutions are also holistic, focusing on energy blockages, chakras, and plant-based food solutions, a very refreshing alternative to the mainstream pill-popping culture being pushed.
Julio V., London

Zeeba has a real depth of holistic knowledge. She has the ability to link environmental issues such as the quality of soil to the food supply to the impact on our physiology. She then linked mental wellness to diet and exercise covering all bases which I found fascinating.
Sam A., Boston

6 Days to Healing Trauma with Ayurveda Program

Break free from the grips of trauma, self-doubt, shame, and guilt and tap into your inner healing ability to achieve health, happiness, and lightness of Being.

The 21-Day Journey to Radical Self-Love

This program is for people who are serious. For people who are committed. This is for people who are sick of living a life filled with fear, self-doubt, shame, and guilt. This program is for people who want to see results in 1 week.

It delivers results fast. I don’t subscribe to the belief that it takes months or years. You will feel the difference and see quantifiable results straight away if you truly desire to transform and practice the exercises.

We'll address a holistic healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially to help you transform and overcome trauma. You'll learn practices that are more deeply ingrained and radically transformative.


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