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Are you looking to bring an enhanced focus on wellness into your workplace to improve employee morale, health and productivity?

Exactly How Will I

Help Your Organization?

I have helped leading global corporations with wellness programs focused on stress management, diet, exercise, supplementation, meditation and increased productivity. The exact program you seek can be customized to your organization’s specific needs and work environment.

I have worked in demanding corporate roles in my past, and understand the tricky balance between achieving business results and ensuring wellness. I understand the challenges that we all face managing stress, focusing on goals, maintaining harmonious workplace relationships, and striving to balance all of this with our home life and time for ourselves. My sessions are a fusion of timeless wisdom and practical application.

During stressful times we all need pathways to calm, clarity and open-heartedness.

While it’s natural to feel fear during times of crisis, our challenge is that fear easily takes over our lives. This is a normal and understandable reaction; however, it can often be debilitating.

The power of acceptance is that it frees our energy to be able to respond with skill through our challenge.

Mindfulness and compassion practices can help us find an inner refuge, and deepen our loving connection with each other.

After their time with me, your team members will understand what it means to have a deep sense of well-being. I will help your team members to adapt and build their resilience with daily practices and powerful tools to balance and thrive in their lives – both at work and at home.

Whether you are searching for a keynote speaker at your upcoming conference, a one-time morning or afternoon training, or a customized multi-day workshop, I will work with you to develop an individualized program to meet your organization’s needs.

Click below to arrange a quick consultation so I can better understand your wellness needs:

Zeeba presented a healthy diet and nutrition program at our company. She quickly impressed us with the depth of her knowledge. We had interesting discussions on mental and physical health and spiritual matters too. Her unique background helps her to understand people and their culture.

Rama S., Chennai

The program Zeeba delivered at our company was amazing – the combination of topics was so powerful. She has such a wonderful, calming voice. It’s very pleasant being led by her. Her meditations were a brilliant experience for me, despite it normally being difficult for me to slow down my mind.

Gerard R., Toronto

Zeeba’s meditations were very relaxing, but not just on the day itself. My mind was so clear. I felt a strong physical sensation of love. It felt similar to falling in love, but without an object. I could think of anybody and feel love, or think of nobody in particular, and still have the same feeling. It was really beautiful.

Alena P., Charlotte

Transform Your Life

Your intensive 28-day program is designed to boost inner stability, inspire bold confidence and help you thrive in any circumstances.

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We all have times when we feel we’re not good enough or don’t have what it takes. When uncertainty and overwhelm are spinning wildly around us and we feel stuck...powerless to make a change. But when we discover the right support and awareness, we are able to break through the inner barriers that hold us back and grasp the powerful and meaningful life we know is possible.

The Breaking Ground course is a playground for growth and deep learning about yourself and your own resilience.


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