Manifestation starts with an intention. But it doesn’t end there. Manifestation goes beyond the realm of thought, into the emotional and physical body. Manifestation starts with setting an intention and feeling it in the heart and body.

When we set an intention, we begin seeking out paths that will help us to manifest what we are seeking. We expect to see and receive that which we are wanting to manifest. From this mindset, we shift what might initially appear to be a “no” to a “yes.” From this perspective, we see the wall as a door. We see possibility where previously we saw only a dead end. We become pregnant with infinite possibilities. And we are less likely to feel disappointed, which in many cases, causes us to end the dream we are trying to manifest.

We show up differently when we set an intention.

But we have to do more than just set an intention. We have to feel it. In both our heart and our mind.

Manifestation requires us to balance our masculine energy with our feminine energy. Our doing with our being.

When we feel as if that which we want to manifest has already been realized, we are more willing and determined to do the work required to get us to our goal.

We feel more empowered in our mind, heart, and body. We don’t tire as easily in any of these realms. We are able to be more persistent and persevere.

We not only have to believe that we will manifest our desire, but we have to embody what it would feel like in our heart and body if that dream was already here. Right here, right now.

All parts of you must believe. Your mind. Your heart. And your body.

Are you moving towards your dreams fully? With all of you?

If not, I invite you to start doing so. You’ll start seeing doors where you once saw only walls.

If you need help gaining clarity around your life goals or need help manifesting, contact me for a 20-min complimentary call. Together we’ll look at your life and lifestyle and see where you can optimize your time and resources.

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