When we talk about energy, we refer to both masculine energy and feminine energy. Both affect your connections and relationships.

The Divine Feminine is considered to be more of a passive, soft, yielding energy. Feminine energy allows us to accept ourselves just as we are, to be with ourselves as we are, and to hold ourselves in tenderness. This is really when we start to heal and it is incredibly powerful.

The Divine Masculine is more of a courageous bravery, allowing us to move forward even when we are afraid to. It allows us to protect others and ourselves, and to provide for us all.

Your aura is not only about how you feel, but also about how others feel in your presence. And, of course, the energy that you radiate in any given moment is the result of many factors, both internal and external.

Twice this week I’ve been exhausted and still managed to muster up the energy and concentration to have tough conversations with a male friend. You know the kind of day where all you want is quiet but then the phone rings and there they are. You don’t want to answer, but you feel obliged to. You hope that this conversation will go better than the last one.

So we started talking and when he decided that he no longer wanted to deal with the tough talk, he yelled that he was going to get off the phone and hung up.




Just like that.

No goodbye.

No “We’ll talk later today.” No “I need to get off. Will call you back in 20.”

Just gone.

While I wish I could say that this is very unusual, the truth is it’s not. Maybe he was having a difficult day too, but I don’t know for sure because he never said.

So at that point I had two choices.

Path 1: I could chase him to continue the tough conversation (but that would only lead me down a path of hurt and rejection). I could let my painbody take over and recall every time I felt unwanted and unseen by him and bring my own vibration down. Or…

Path 2: I could pause, take a deep breath, and tap into the ancient wisdom of my energies to guide me in that moment.

I decided that there are other people’s whose auras I’d rather be in at that time. Even though he didn’t ask for space, I gave it to him. I made this into an opportunity for me to reconnect with those who see me and want me. It was a chance for me to give more of myself to others who appreciate it, to rejuvenate myself with those whose energy feeds me, and to give my friend what he wanted despite me being fed up with the conversation we’d been having.

Instead of blowing up, I chose to practice self-love, love for others, and compassion. I chose to embrace the moment and make it mine.

Sometimes what appears as rejection is actually an invitation for you to go and spread your love where you’re truly cherished, valued, and celebrated.

That is the magic of tapping into your feminine energy.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are two energies that are always in all of us. When they are in balance, we feel whole, complete, energized, confident, and trusting of the Universe. From this space, we always know the next right action that we should take.

Can you call upon both your masculine and feminine energies in a difficult situation?

If you need help balancing your masculine and feminine energies or would like chakra energy healing, please reach out to me.


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