If you’ve been living with trauma, you know it’s not just about the mental discomfort.

There’s the disruption to daily life. The grief surrounding your life experiences and how you wish your life was better. The gripping self-doubt, guilt, and shame of not being able to participate in life the way you want to. The fear that life won’t ever feel as full or joyful as you want it to.

But what if there was a way to reclaim your life?

I’ll teach you a proven evidence-based approach that uses the mind and the breath to help people deal with trauma, reduce their suffering, and improve their lives.

In this free 9-day online program, Holistic Healing for Trauma, I’ll introduce key lessons to help you release trauma by practicing self-love, cultivating self-awareness, and building skills. These simple tools have been proven to be transformative and highly effective for thousands of people globally.

You will learn:

  • Constriction to Expansion – I’ll teach you how to eat, sleep, and exercise for your unique body type.
  • Breathe to Release – I’ll share breathing practices to help you release the tension that is held in your body.
  • Live Consciously – I’ll share with you ways in which you can learn to respond rather than react to life.
  • Simple yet life-changing techniques that you can begin applying immediately
  • Participate in exclusive Q&As with me – You’ll have the rare opportunity to ask anything, share your story, hear from the community, and learn how to apply what they’ve learned in daily life.
  • And so much more

If you’ve been struggling with trauma, this program offers the techniques that have helped thousands around the world find peace, growth, and happiness.

Develop the courage and strength to live the live you desire. I can’t wait to share these tools with you!

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