Equinox Balancing Meditation

March 21, 2023

6-7 pm PT / 9-10 pm ET

Much research has shown that meditation is a powerful way to develop greater resilience, compassion, and happiness – as well as strengthen the immune system and promote other health benefits.

Please join me for an online meditation. Everyone is welcome and no background in meditation is needed. There’s no cost to attend. Just bring your intention to connect with yourself and with the energies of this time.

We use the Zoom platform – just click a link to join. We’ll email a link to the recording for all those who registered for the live event.

The spring equinox is a liminal time, a midpoint between the winter and summer solstices. It’s no longer winter and not quite spring — a fertile, expectant time, a time of renewal, rebirth and awakening — a time to breathe fresh life and energy into our dreams and hopes and plans.

To honor and connect with this time, I’m offering a free, live meditation focusing on renewal, balance, and planting an intention for what we would like to see manifest in our lives. The stabilizing energy of the equinox gives us a chance to check in with yourself and see how we’re doing as we emerge from winter. What’s awakening within you? What’s in or out of balance? Where are you ready to take action? What ideas, dreams, and plans are you ready to turn into reality?

It is my honor to support your healing in any way that I can.

Equinox Balancing Meditation

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(Eastern Time)

7:55 pm – Come early and chat with others
8:00 pm – Guided meditation
8:25 – 8.45 pm – Q&A; I take questions mainly through Chat
8:45 pm – Conclude the meditation circle

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