Conscious Life: Trauma Super Conference

International Online Conference | December 3-9, 2021

It’s the final countdown!

Have you signed up for the Trauma Super Conference yet?

If not, you still have time!

The event is free and features exclusive interviews with 70+ of the world’s most trusted trauma experts including psychologists, psychiatrists, functional medical doctors, researchers, neuroscientists and healers who will be sharing their best tools and strategies for identifying and healing unresolved trauma of all kinds.

Alongside myself, internationally renowned mental health professionals like Dr Gabor Maté, Dr Peter Levine, and Dr Stephen Porges will cover a broad range of topics and themes including:

• Day 1 – Impacts of Trauma: Understanding how trauma manifests as symptoms in the brain, body, and behaviors
• Day 2
 – Methodologies for Healing Trauma Part 1: Therapies designed to help you feel whole again
• Day 3
 – Collective trauma: Understanding intergenerational, cultural, social and institutional trauma
• Day 4
 – Relational Trauma: When trauma happens in our close relationships and families, it requires a relational approach
• Day 5 – Trauma and the Body:
 Trauma healing is more than understanding, it requires full body integration
• Day 6
 – Methodologies for Healing Trauma Part 2: Cutting edge psychedelics research and somatic approaches for treating trauma
• Day 7 – Functional Medicine:
 Supporting our healing from the inside out using nutrition, supplements, and mindfulness

Join in for the whole event, or feel free to pop in for the sessions that are of greatest interest to you.

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