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Travel the World with Tea

I love tea. Its fragrance and taste are like a time machine, vividly reminding me of memories from my world travels. Chai with my cousins in India in the spring, blackcurrant tea with my girlfriends in Singapore’s humid summer, and English chai with my godfather in...

How to Increase Your Health Span and Not Just Your Life Span

Although genetics definitely do play a part, most healthcare is self-care. Health isn’t something that happens only when we fall sick and end up in the doctor’s office. It isn’t something we should pay attention to only when we’re sick. It isn’t something that we...

Ayurvedic Supplements for the Prevention of & Recovery from COVID-19 and the Flu

The best way to prevent the COVID-19 infection is to have an optimally-functioning immune system. Here are some proven Ayurvedic immune boosters. In addition to preventative measures such as washing hands frequently, limiting physical touch, and wearing a mask, diet,...

Compassion in Medical Practice with HH The Dalai Lama

We benefit when we combine the best of modern medicine and education with the wisdom of ancient Indian knowledge. His Holiness the Dalai Lama advocates this. I know because I heard him on our call…

Build Your Ojas and Increase Your Libido

Ayurveda gives physical intimacy as much attention as it does to diet and exercise. Ayurveda teaches that physical intimacy is the union of two bodies, minds and Souls, and can even be transformative and healing. For people who want to rebuild their libido, one month...

The Unshakeable Resilience Summit

Featured speaker on How to Grow Your Inner Nurturer.

Wellness Sanctuary Charity Fund Raising for The Singapore Red Cross

Presented a talk on the 7 Ways to Balance Your Chakras through Diet. Taught about how each of the chakras corresponds to the safety & security, emotions, thoughts, love, words, intuition, and spirituality.

Wellness Based on Ayurveda

Presented a live webinar with Q&A on Ayurveda, lifestyle, and wellness for Trinity University in the US.

Pop-up Museum of Happiness

Conducted a cyclic meditation workshop for the Museum of Happiness which was founded in London in 2015.

Eat, Pray, Love

A month-long program on nutrition, meditation, yoga, culture and wellness that taught how to eat, move, and think healthy.

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