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Breaking Free From Depression & Loneliness

Beginning September 25, join me and 30 therapists, psychologists, and doctors in a discussion of the latest research and strategies to help you live a life filled with peace, joy & loving connection. The Breaking Free From Depression & Loneliness Summit is...

The Holistic Healers Summit

Beginning September 20, join me and 30+ world-renowned experts to learn holistic interventions and sustainable trauma-informed techniques which will lead to long-term healing. The Holistic Healers Summit is totally free!

Women Conquering Cravings Summit

Beginning March 6, the Women Conquering Cravings Summit will teach women how to conquer their sugar cravings, lose weight, and get their energy back. I’m going to be talking about Ayurvedic Wellness for Busy Women. And the best part is it’s totally free!

Podcast Appearance: Open to Happiness

I am so grateful to have had the chance to discuss the impact of trauma on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health on the Open to Happiness podcast in an episode titled Find the yogic balance in your doshas with transgenerational trauma therapist...

Podcast Appearance: Back in Control Radio

Finding the Ayurvedic Path to Health In Part 1, Dr David Hanscom and I discuss how my experiences taught me the importance of food, sleep, meditation, gratitude and surrender to a Higher Power as the foundational elements of resilience, health, and healing and led to...

Stop Depression Summit

Beginning February 22nd, over 50 of the world's top experts will share life-changing solutions on how to prevent, move through, and overcome depression. Join us for The Stop Depression Summit.

Menopause Solutions

Beginning January 18th, over 35 women's health experts, doctors, hormone specialists, and more will share life-changing solutions for low energy, weight gain, hot flashes, sleep challenges, sex issues, brain fog & more! Join us for Menopause Solutions.

Free Online Course: Holistic Healing from Trauma

If you’ve been living with trauma, you know it’s not just about the mental discomfort. There’s the disruption to daily life. The grief surrounding your life experiences and how you wish your life was better. The gripping self-doubt, guilt, and shame of not being able...

Trusting After Trauma

If you’ve ever struggled with overcoming the effects of narcissistic abuse and childhood trauma, join me in this upcoming live event October 10-22 hosted by Pi Venus Winslow. Experts will discuss the connections between narcissism and codependency. You'll learn how to...

Build Your Ojas and Increase Your Libido

Ayurveda gives physical intimacy as much attention as it does to diet and exercise. Ayurveda teaches that physical intimacy is the union of two bodies, minds and Souls, and can even be transformative and healing. For people who want to rebuild their libido, one month...

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